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There's been some CHANGES
 made !

Let's face it, we all grow and change - or we die, it's that simple. A lot of the stuff that was here last month was outdated, I no longer owned, or I simply wasn't interested in anymore. You could probably tell when I hadn't updated the site in nearly a year. 

So, when the bill came around again - yup, I've been payin' for all this splendor since 2007 - and we were looking to cut our spending anywhere possible, I had to ask m'self why I was paying for something I avoided. 

I still wanted to host the tutorials, and I still wanted a blog - those are fun ! But the rest just wasn't 'me' anymore, and it certainly wasn't fun to see how overgrown the place was. So, it took me nearly a week, but I got the site back down to 'Free' levels, kept as much as I could, and ditched the rest. 

It wasn't an easy decision, and it helps that I have a Flickr page for most stuff like new doll clothes and old doll histories. I'm still working on that ! But come over when you get a chance - click  then click 'search'. Click on 'people' and type in 'dorriebelle'. Yeah, one of the reasons I'm moving on is the 'no remote linking' rules around here. 

Thanks for visiting so often. I really enjoyed it while it lasted, and that was because of you. 

-May 2011

Obligatory Disclaimer : I'm not affiliated with Mattel, Hasbro, Ideal, Tonner, Madame Alexander, Bella Productions, Playmates, PlayAlong, Pleasant Company, Kenner, Matchbox, KidKore, Fisher-Price, Spin Master, Galoob, Remco, Superdoll, Tomy, Tyco, Applause, Coleco, BanDai, Irwin, Lovely Patsy, Integrity, Dollar Tree Distribution, M & C Toys, Thinkway Toys, Sony, Jakks Pacific, Takara, R&D Dolls, MGA, Mego, or any other toy company (heck, half of these are now out of business). I just like dolls, and enjoy making stuff for 'em. I hope they don't mind that, once I buy their stuff, I play with it and take pictures for a silly, rambling website. Or I don't buy their stuff, but talk about it anyway. So there.