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Pattern review - Butterick 5902, CPK for Timey and Dottie !

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Here we go ! Time to review another pattern ! Yes, it's been over a year since the last pattern review, but, hey, these things take time ! Here's my full review of Butterick 5902, a Cabbage Patch Kids pattern that fits Timey Tell and Hi, Dottie !

Butterick for CPK - just released !

Here it is, Butterick 5902. Got it on sale from Hancock Fabrics - I can afford to be experimental when the pattern's only 99c ! I don't own any Cabbage Patch Kids dolls (never have), but their size is close enough to two dolls I do own, Timey Tell and Hi, Dottie. They have their own page if you'd like to know more about them !

I decided to do View A first, to check for sizing. But I bought it for View C, the sailor dress. I am such a sucker for sailor dresses ! Halfway through A, it occured to me - it's a good pattern with lots of variety. Why not sew the whole thing ? Start to finish, every apron and panty. I'd never sewn an entire pattern before, and from what I've learned while asking around, very few people ever have.

So, I sewed the whole thing. Start to finish, in order. I had to make a few minor adjustments, but this was a fabulous pattern. Everything I made turned out great. So if you have a 16-to-17-inch doll with a round child body and short arms, this one may work for you.

I looked for days for CPK measurements, and never found much. So here's the measurements for Timey and Dottie, so you can estimate whether or not this'll work for the doll you have in mind ! Dottie and Timey have some variation in sizes due to their mechanisms, so I've gone with the larger when there's a difference.

Head Circumference - 13 inches
Chest - 11.5 inches
Waist - 11.5 inches
Hips - 12.25 inches
Arm Length - 5.25 inches

So let's go ! Review Time !!

Overview : A good pattern yielding great results. Adaptations for fit and personal preference were easy. Several errors, though -

1) Pattern directions call for a 5/8" seam allowance in one section, and 1/4" in another. The pattern shows a 1/4". For fun, I tried the View A blouse with a 5/8" seam. Worked up fine, but there was no way to add the collar, as sewing a matching seam allowance on the collar made it impossibly small. And we all know to not use 5/8" on one piece and 1/4" on another, right ? I'm here to tell you, it won't work. But on the plus side, I have a small blouse body and a larger collar to use later !

2) A minor point, but while they bolded 'Gather' in the directions, they didn't define it. Since it can vary from pattern company to pattern company, it would have been nice to have their specifications.

3) Several times, clips and minor tucks were shown in the image, but not called for in the directions. Again, minor, but this may be confusing for beginners - which I often think I still am !


Here's View A, overalls and a shirt. Don't adjust your monitor, those pieces really are that bright. Luckily, these outfits used most of this ! The shirt under the overalls is from a Doll Shop Deluxe pattern, and the black slacks under the blouse is a yard sale find.

As you can see, there's quite a difference in neck sizes between my dolls and the CPKs. Still, it doesn't look bad at all, and that was my first attempt at sewing a collar stand.

The overalls feature an elastic back waist, and I had to take two inches off the elastic before they fit. Also had to shorten the straps a bit. Other than that, the length is about right, crotch hits where it should. Pant legs are a rather wide, but with this fabric, it's hard to tell !


View B took the longest. The dress features a sweet Peter Pan collar - I do well with two-piece collars ! - and a fluffy skirt. Since CPKs also seem to be larger in the torso, this fits a bit loose, and the skirt is very full on Dottie. Still, it closes easy, and the pattern calls for a full open back. With Timey's limited movement in her watch arm, this is actually good for us.

There's pantaloons beneath, just barely visible on the pattern envelope. These take little to no time. I omitted the lace that was part of the pattern, but I'll probably use it next go-round. It just didn't look good with this dress' fabric.

The dress and panties didn't take that much time, maybe two hours for both. The simple-looking pinafore, however...that thing took about two and a half hours by itself. It's fully lined, and sewing, turning, and ironing sharp corners on two inches of fabric is a challenge ! Still, it looks very nice, and is a nice addition to any doll wardrobe. I'm just glad I used white, as it'll be a while before I sew it again !


View C, the sailor dress, is why I bought this pattern, and it came out great ! About two hours. Goes together easily. I had some trouble getting the ribbon on the collar the way I wanted, but that's just my 'everything's gotta parallel' mindset. Still, Butterick seems to forget that ribbon is straight. They have it curving somewhat, which would be a pain to sew. I ditched the stripes on the sleeves, and used a single ribbon on the front 'V' insert and collar. Also didn't add the buttons. This fabric pattern is busy enough without buttons !

However, once it was done, it didn't hang on Timey very well. It seemed to have too much fabric, making it billow out in the back. After playing with several options, I simply folded the right front button placket in once, and sewed it down. Perfection ! Now it hangs well, and looks great !

Had a little trouble with the scarf. I couldn't get it to knot well. So I sewed a simple loop to slide over it. I like it this way much better !


View D, the bunny-suit pajamas, came out so well, I did it twice ! I forgot to write down how much fleece it'd take for the contrast pieces, so I got a half yard of each color, hoping for leftovers. That was more than enough. I still have some mint and cream left, so you'll probably see other dolls sport it soon !

Butterick sometimes seemed to be 'on the ball' with sewing fleece, other times, completely clueless. I had some problems getting the thick fabric to gather, and there's three gather parts here. Also, a 1/4" hem is about impossible in fleece. It rolls as you sew, frequently. Even if you iron it.

I also had some problems with the hood. I should have had maybe two inches at the ends to hem into a casing for the ribbon. Instead, I had closer to four. This could be related to the gathering issues I had, but heck, it worked out. I just turned it until it matched the front closure, and hemmed it that way. So while my adaptation probably wouldn't fit a CPK, the finished items fit Timey and Dottie adorably !

The ears were easier than I expected, but I wish they'd been more at the top of the head instead of to the sides. At first, I thought it due to the different doll heads, but no, the one on the envelope has the same ear angle.

I omitted the 'bunny toes' that I was supposed to add to the feet. I thought they were cuter as-is. I also skipped the yarn pom-pom tail. Instead, I cut an extra sole pattern and gathered it into a circle, and sewed it to the back. Just personal preference.

So there ya go ! I sewed a complete pattern, and everything looks great. I highly recommend this one, just be sure to set aside about three hours for each view - more for B ! That pinafore was a killer ! While height doesn't always mean clothes will fit - after all, Elphie's sixteen inches tall, and there's no way this'd fit her ! - sometimes it's worth a chance !

Happy sewing !